Generations Park
Ice Academy


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Generations Park Ice Academy offers quality group, private, and semi-private ice skating instruction for skaters age three years and up. We are located at the beautiful open-air Generations Park, 412 N Main Street, Bridgewater, VA. The rink is open every year from Thanksgiving through early March. Come skate with us. It’s ICE COLD FUN!!

Should you have more questions you may contact:
Terri McIntyre, GPIA Skating Director
540 405 2063 text or voicemail

Class Descriptions

  • BEGINNER - A very good place to start! Swizzles, forward and backward skating, snowplow stops, one-foot glides will all be covered. (Note that five & six year olds have an option to start on their own in this class, or to join the Smalls & Talls class with an adult on the ice by their side.)
  • ADVANCED BEGINNER - For skaters with a bit of experience on the ice. If you have mastered swizzles, snowplow stops, slaloms, beginning one-foot glides, and basic backward skating, then you’ll be comfortable in this class. We’ll work on crossovers, forward & backward edges, 3-turns, lunges, two-foot spin, and more.
  • SMALLS & TALLS - A fun, safe place for our youngest skaters. This class will be an introduction to the ice through games and activities. A parent or other partner will join in the fun. Prerequisite: parents need to be able to skate the width of the rink with safe stability. Parents, please discuss with me if you need help meeting this prerequisite.  
  • ADULT - This will be a beginning level class. Enrollment will be limited to no more than four skaters as the class will be held on the open skate session.

2019-2020 Class Schedule

3:30 - 4pmAcademy PracticeTime
4 - 4:30pmAdvanced Beginners (ages 5-8 years)
4:30 - 5pmAdvanced Beginners (ages 9 and up)
6 - 6:30pmAdults
3:30 - 4pmSmalls & Talls (3-6 years with an adult)
4 - 4:30pmBeginners (ages 5-8 years)
4:30 - 5pmBeginners (ages 9 and up)


Session 1: Dec 2-19 (3 weeks)

$27 - Town resident

$30 - Non-resident

Session 2: Jan 6-Feb 12 (6 weeks)

$54 - Town resident

$60 - Non-resident

The last two Mondays and Wednesdays of February will be used to schedule make up days for any weather-related cancellations. If make up days are not needed then drop-in classes will be offered on those dates.

Watch for drop-in classes during the December holiday break too.


20-minute private lesson


30-minute private lesson


Four 20-minute private lessons

$62 (save $10)

Four 30-minute private lessons

$98 (save $10)


30-minute semi-private lesson

$36 ($18 per skater)

4 x 30-minute semi-private lesson

$134 ($67 per skater)

(No additional family discount applies)

Lessons scheduled by appointment.
Contact: Terri McIntyre, GPIA Skating Director
Text or Voicemail: 540 405 2063